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Axel Encounter︱ROI Calculator

Calculate the return on investment of our self-service solution

Try it out for yourself and see the overall benefits for your organization. Our calculator quickly and easily counts the estimated payback time for your investment.

Fill out the information about your volumes and desired features and you will immediately get a preview of the benefits offered by Axel Encounter. If you wish, we will send you more detailed information about the results and a forecast extending for a period of 5 years.

Background information

How many waiting lobbies do you have? lobbies
How many treatment rooms do you have? rooms
How many patient visits do you have per year? visits
What is the average no-show rate of your patient visits?

Estimated investment

Select the features you need:



Would you like to have more detailed results of the calculation in your email? The results include estimated figures (cumulative ROI, NPV) as well as benefits broken down over a five-year period.



_ €
_ €
annual running cost

Cost savings per year

years of work saved
saved when fully implemented

Payback calculations*

ROI achieved in 3 years
_ %
Payback time
_ months
Total costs
_ €
Total benefits
_ €


ROI on an annual basis

  Cumulative benefits
Initial cost
_ €
Year 1
_ €
Year 2
_ €
Year 3
_ €


*) The typical lifetime of a system investment is significantly longer than three years.

*) The calculations presented are based on our own customer surveys and the data obtained from them.


ROI graphs